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Greenhouse Film Suppliers in Pune, Greenhouse Dealers, Greenhouse Supplies

 Flora Agro – Importer and Distributor of Greenhouse supplies. We Supply greenhouse films, greenhouse accessories, shade nets, hobby greenhouse and solar products.
Greenhouse Products, Greenhouse Supplies, Greenhouse Suppliers


We supply Greenhouse Films with the following properties:

Anti Drip : Difference in the temperature between inside & outside of the Greenhouse creates condensation of water, resulting into formation of droplets on the inside surface of the film. Special additives are added in the film material formulation to alter the surface tension, this leads to formation of a very thin layer of water, which subsequently runs down along the slope of film towards the gutters instead of dropping on the plants inside the Greenhouse.

Anti Dust : Poly film have a tendency to attract dust particles. Over a longer period of exposure, considerable dust particles accumulate on poly film. It leads to reduction in light transmission. This effect has a negative impact on growth of plants resulting to lower yield and slower growth. Special additives in the film, give the outer layer a mirror finish preventing dust particles from sticking on the film.

Diffused Light : Light from the sun passing through a greenhouse film and entering a greenhouse is split into direct and diffused. Light diffusion causes a film to look hazy to human eye - this doesn't mean, however, that the film is less transparent. The PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) received by plants is the same.

Disease Control Effect : We offer a range of special greenhouse disease control films, which contribute efficiently in "Integrated Pest Management" and help to reduce the usage of pesticides.

Thermic Effect : We offers special 3-layer thermic films, containing a combination of EVA and Infra-Red additives skillfully structured in the 3 layers, which absorb the Infra-Red radiation and reduce heat losses throughout the night.

High Tensile strength : We posses long experience and careful selection of raw materials, processing conditions and quality control procedures provide to the films excellent mechanical strength.


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